Tokyo Metropolitan University Grad. School of Science Department of Physics

Correlated Electron Physics

During the last two decades, an enormous number of strongly interacting electrons in solid materials have been
observed exhibiting various novel physical phenomena, such as unconventional superconductivity, quantum
critical (non-Fermi liquid) behaviors, and exotic types of magnetism (multipolar orderings/fluctuations), that
cannot be understood within the framework of conventional solid state physics. Our group aims to create and
observe unprecedented and innovative electronic states in new materials, focusing on multiple-degrees of
freedom involved in d- and f-electron, i.e., spin, orbital, charge, and ion vibration. For this purpose, we explore
new compounds, grow world class high-quality single crystals by exploiting different types of furnaces, and
perform systematic measurements of transport, magnetic, and thermodynamic properties to improve our
fundamental understanding of novel phenomena, in collaboration with many institutions around the world. We
are also interested in the application of our findings as novel functional materials.

Recent research activities


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Staff Members:
Professor : Y. Aoki Researchmap ResearcherID ORCID
Professor : T. D. Matsuda TMU Webpage
Assistant Professor : R. Higashinaka

Department of Physics, Tokyo Metropolitan University,
Minami-Ohsawa 1-1, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0397, JAPAN

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